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This exhibition was designed to incorporate all distracting visual elements in the space. The work was hung in accord with architectural elements, hardware, signage, and all other components within the visual field of the viewer. The idea was that to do otherwise would be to perpetuate a form of denial, of pretending objects in one's own field of vision were simply not there in order to gain access to the work. This approach allows the viewer to relax, to factor in all elements as visually and conceptually valid components of the work. The Lobby Cluster incorporates Bob.01.G (2009), oil on wood, 36" x 30", and a series of framed text prints from my ongoing project called Text Continuum, referred to here as Text Continuum (framed fragments) (2010), [5 pieces], archival paper,
8 ½ " x 11".

Lobby Cluster
Lobby Cluster