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Speaking of code - of a different sort, I’ve been reading Gilgamesh, “the oldest story in the world,” and studying up on my cuneiform. One is always reading about the various clay tablets unearthed here and there in the Middle East. I never realized how small these tablets are - I pictured them oh you know about 24 x 18 inches, something like that. But no, they are small. Many of them are about the size of postcards. I love the early alphabets, as inscrutable as they are. But I digress. Back to Warhol, with thanks. Huston

Huston I was and am besotted w/ the thought of your reading Gilgamesh and the references to cuneiform and postcard-size clay tablets - all of it - plus I am working on a project that I will be showing in May that reverberates with the idea of cuneiform that I am thinking of as Haptic Iconography - so - very resonant indeed!

I’m enjoying all the emails, and otherwise I’m still in the Bronze Age. I have learned that Sumerian and Akkadian syllabaries were organized more by aesthetics than linguistic considerations. That is, they were organized by sign shape. Amy, I am eager to hear more about you project - when the time is right.

Huston thanks for all the details! " . . . organized by sign shape . . . " has been the name of the game around here lately - I am thrilled by this.

- Salient excerpt, email exchange between curator and art historian Huston Paschal and Amy White in the context of correspondence of the Ray Johnson Fan Club (RJFC) circa March 2019

The Association of Elemental Aspects and its sole proprietor, Amy White, will present Haptic Iconography and Other Offerings at Attic 506 (506 West Franklin Street in Chapel Hill) on Friday, May 10th [2019], from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. AW will be present in the gallery for the opening to present and sign gift objects and real-time postcards, and the work will be up through the end of the month and will be available for viewing by appointment.