Portfolio > Further Adventures in the Realm of the Static and the Vital

Contribution to The Nothing That Is: A drawing show in five parts curated by Bill Thelen at CAM Raleigh.

Further adventures in the realm of The Static and The Vital. Clay tablets tabula rasa clay body fetish material source of fascination and compulsion body gesture signature mark DNA mineral underpinnings of living being. By-products of an ongoing material and philosophical inquiry into the nature of clay and ceramics. Conceptually supported by theories about the origins of life in clay. The artist performs gestural mark making upon hand-modeled ceramic surfaces – cracks, breaks and fissures in the clay contribute additional linear gestures. As the text piece – definition of the term arche – suggests, these works arise in search of foundational and essential underpinnings of lived and material existence – the interplay of life and non-life. The marks upon the ceramic surfaces are rendered as signature, documentation of performative engagement/interface with the material world, evidence of a specific genetic configuration within the lifeworld.